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This name comes all the way from the land of the Acropolis, Greece. The meaning of Dorian comes from the Hebrew word 'doron', meaning ‘a gift' or 'a present’. The root origin of this name is uncertain, but it is assumed that it may have come from a district in Ancient Greece; Doris. It can also be seen as a reference to the legendary Greek hero, Doros. Doros was one of the sons of the famous Helen of Sparta. Each of Helen’s sons is credited as being one of the founders of the first tribes of the Greek Empire and Doros was the founder of the Dorians. Hence, this name can also mean ‘a descendant of Doros’. Another probable root of Dorian is the Greek word 'dorios', which means ‘a child of the sea’. This name first came into the public eye in Oscar Wilde's famous novel 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray', released in 1890.

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Dorian Gray

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