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This name is of Korean origin. The meaning of Duri comes from the Gyeongsang dialect term for the number ‘two’, and also means ‘two persons’, ‘a couple’. Duri is considered an indigenous name in Korea. In Urdu, this name translates to ‘a bright star’. Duri means ‘distance’ in Hindi. South Korean archer Kim Duri won the World Archery Championships in 1997.

Movies & TV featuring Duri



Miri, Mari, Uri, Duri - (1988)
Tiga Duri Di hati Bonda - (1996)
Anggerik Di Celah Duri - (1989)
Amplessi animaleschi di Vanessa in teneri ma duri - (1995)

Music featuring Duri




Tu Duri
Duri Duri
Duri da battere (Live)

Locations featuring Duri

Durian Tunggal
Duri Kepa
Duri Pulo
Duri Kosambi

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