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Ebbie is a name given to both males and females. Ebbie has a traceable origin in the Hebrew language. The meaning of Ebbie is 'father of light' or 'the stone of help'. Ebbie, in Hebrew, is associated with three elements, namely; light, help, and stone. People are given the name Ebbie in adoration of the presence of light or brightness in the life of such a person. Other times, it is in anticipation that such an individual would be a source of light to the family and society at large. Ebbie name bearers are also expected to be a source of help to people. This name indicates that the bearer carries a form of responsibility to help others. Lastly, Ebbie represents strength. It is believed that those called Ebbie are strong. This strength is described to be of different kinds, such as physical strength, mental strength, financial strength, and many other areas. Ebbie is a variant of Abner, Eben, and Ebenezer, which are also Hebrew words. From 1880-1889, Ebbie was one of the popular names in America, climbing to 1223rd in the Top Names in the US. However, it did not maintain that position for long, as it experienced a decline in the succeeding years. In a nutshell, Ebbie is a name with many positive inclinations for the bearer. Most importantly, Ebbie has not been tagged as a religious name.


Ebbie is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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E-B-B-I-E , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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