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Ebe is a gender-neutral name with multiple meanings and origins. The meaning of Ebe is 'god is abundance' or 'god is my oath' or 'god has sworn', and it comes from the possibility of Ebe being a diminutive form of Elizabeth, the anglicized version of the Hebrew name Elisheva (‘ĕlı̂ysheba’), which in turn is composed of two elements: the “ʾēl” (meaning God, the God of Israel) plus 'sh’vu’a (sh-b-ʿ)' ( meaning 'oath'). Ebe might also be related to the Greek name Hēbē which is derived from the root word βη, meaning 'youth', also a derivate of a Proto-Indo-European word meaning 'youth' or 'vigour'. In Arabic, Ebe is used for boys and is likely a variant of the name Abi and has two meanings depending on which syllable has emphatic stress. If the emphasis is on the first syllable, Ebe means 'father'. Still, it means 'one with much refrain' when the second syllable is stressed.


Ebe is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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E-B-E , is a 3-letter neutral given name.

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