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The name Efe is mostly used for the male gender. The meaning of Efe is ‘older brother’ or ‘the one who has massive strength’. People named Efe are very analytical, practical, and inquisitive. They are intelligent, thoughtful, interesting, and emotional. These people have a very clear vision about their opinions on any topic and like to gain knowledge about everything. These people are disciplined, dependable, free-minded, determined, and focused on their life goals and career. People named Efe is considered to be brave, courageous, outspoken, adventurous, and carefree. They are diplomatic, realistic, practical, and analytical about their life. These people tend to be very spiritually involved, and are very affectionate and protective towards their loved ones. These people are very independent, and organized, have good communication skills, know how to control their anger, and are kind hearted. According to Vedic astrology, the people named Efe are powerful, have a great impact on other people’s lives who are close to them, and like doing charitable work. There are a few negative traits that people named Efe have. The people with the name Efe are aloof, socially awkward, quite short tempered, timid, rigid, very selective, and tend to become lonely very easily. 


Efe is most often associated with the gender: male.

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E-F-E , is a 3-letter male given name.

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