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The meaning of Egypt is 'the temple of the ka of Ptah'. It is a gender-neutral name and is of Greek origin. The name is derived from the Greek word 'aigyptos' and from the Egyptian name Hikuptah. It was an old name for the ancient city of Memphis which meant 'home of the soul of Ptah'. These ancient Egyptian ruins constituted a temple devoted to the Egyptian god Ptah. He was the god of creation and architecture. The Greek name of his temple was Aigyptos from which the name Egypt has been derived. Egypt is also the name of a country in North Africa that is well-known for its ancient civilization and ruins. Egypt is home to the Pyramids of Giza. Egypt Sherrod is the name of an American television host better known for her appearance on 'Property Virgins.'

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The Beans of Egypt, Maine - (1994)
The Prince of Egypt - (1998)
Egypt: Engineering an Empire - (2006)
Charlie Chan in Egypt - (1935)

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Mysteries Of Egypt
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Locations featuring Egypt

ليالي المحروسة
Hadoota Masreya Restaurant & Cafe

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