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The meaning of Ehud is 'united'. It is a name generally used for boys. Ehud is a biblically inspired name. In Israel, you can hear the name often. Before the 20th century, Jews did not use the name Ehud as a first name. It became a popular name in modern-day Israel due to Zionism's encouragement to use names of Jewish heroes and warriors from antiquity as part of its nation-building process. Some famous people who share this name are Ehud Olmert, who was prime minister of Israel from 2006-2009, Ehud Barak, prime minister of Israel from 1999-2001, Ehud Adiv, a pro-Palestinian political activist, Ehud Hrushovski, a mathematician, Ehud Manor, a poet and TV personality, Ehud Netzer, an Israeli archaeologist, Ehud Shapiro, an Israeli scientist, and Ehud Sheleg, a British-Israeli art dealer. 


Ehud is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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E-H-U-D , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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