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Eirik is an adorable baby's name that is pronounced as EY-RihK. This name is most commonly used in the Scandinavian language for baby boys and is of Old Norse origin. It is a variant of the French, Scandinavian and English name 'Eric'. This name evokes contribution, liveliness, and assertiveness. People with this name are mostly Christian by religion. In Norway, a variant of this name 'Eirik' is commonly used, and in Finland, the variant 'Erkki' is used. In Norse origin, the meaning of Eirik is 'a ruler who is forever brave and strong'. This name is quite popular in Norwegian-speaking countries. In the late 9th century, Eirik was the King of Hordaland in western Norway. He led the first attack at the Battle of Hafrsfjord against Harald Fairhair. A famous personality who shares this name is Eirik Bakke, a Norwegian football player who plays for SK Brann. 


Eirik is most often associated with the gender: male.

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E-I-R-I-K , is a 5-letter male given name.

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