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The name Eleuterio is a well-known name of Portuguese origin. The name represents freedom and is usually given to a baby boy. The meaning of Eleuterio is ‘free’. It is a popular name in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian-speaking countries. Notable personalities called Eleuterio include a Spanish politician from the 18th century called Eleuterio Maisonnave y Cutayar and a scholar from the 17th century called Eleuterio Felice Foresti.

Movies & TV featuring Eleuterio



Eleuterio El Heroe - (2012)

Music featuring Eleuterio



Eleuterio, un Correntino de Ley
Ruiz Eleuterio (Who Is Eleuterio?)
Corrido de Eleuterio Quiterio ft.Raza Costeña

Locations featuring Eleuterio

Rua Eleutério Francisco Ferreira
Eleuterio Ramírez
Eleuterio Soria SL

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