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A girl’s name with Greek origins, the meaning of Elly is ‘sun ray’. Akin to how the rays of the sun signify a new day, the name signifies new beginnings. It is believed to have been taken from the Greek names Eleanor and Ellen and as such, the name also means a ‘shining light’. For some, the name also means ‘God is my light’, referencing that that God is a figure that could bring light to somebody's life. It is also commonly seen as a nickname for Eleanor and Ellie. There have been a few famous figures with the name Elly, such as the retired Dutch Soprano, Elly Ameling.

Movies & TV featuring Elly




Elly Petersen - (1944)
Hoosh Elly Weaa Menak - (2008)
Elly - (2016)
Elly - (2017)

Music featuring Elly




Elly Msabbarny
Elly Meshio
Elly Kanet Habebty

Locations featuring Elly

Elly's Sütlaccı
Elly's Pancake House
Ellyn's Tap & Grill
Elly's Pancake House

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