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Elska is a name that is very unique and beautiful. It has a great meaning and is commonly used for a girl. The name Elska almost seems similar to some names commonly seen around the globe, such as Elsa and Eliska. Eliska is a Czech name for a girl. Some say this word is also a diminutive of the famous name Elizabeth. In some of the Nordic languages and also in Old Norse, the meaning of Elska is ' to love' or 'love'. In German, Aliskaz is a similar word that means 'precious and dear'. The name is perfect for parents who are looking for meaningful and cute names for their babies. The name Elska is also easy to spell as well as pronounce. The most common pronunciation of this name is el·s·ka. This name is also one of the few which remains commonly used in the Icelandic language. In some Nordic languages, this name also means 'growing and cultivating'. This name will be perfect for personalities that are very motherly and nurturing. This word is rarely used in the United States of America, and hence it will be a unique name in this country.


Elska is most often associated with the gender: female.

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E-L-S-K-A , is a 5-letter female given name.

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