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Emmerick is predominately a baby's name usually given to a specific gender and is of Old High German origin. Emmerick is pronounced as EMME-rick, and the meaning of Emmerick is 'king or diligent ruler' or 'home ruler'. It is a variant of the ancient Germanic baptismal name Emmerich. It is believed that the first element of this name is derived either from the Gothic word ‘amals', meaning 'brave or diligent', or from the Old German word 'Heim', meaning 'home. The second part of the name is derived from the German word ‘rihhi', meaning 'powerful, mighty, rich, or ruler'. The oldest recorded birth for the first name Emmerick was in 1885, and the highest recorded use of the first name Emmerick in the USA was in 2019. Also, Emmerick is one of the unique last names recorded with the highest use in 2010. The last name Emmerick was first found in the Rhine region and originated from the ancient Roman colony of Embrika or Emrik during the seventh century. Subsequently, there were many spelling variations such as Emmrich, Aemerich, Emerick, Emmerick, and many more. The name Emmerick has destiny number two, and it is believed that people with this lucky number are outgoing, lively, cheerful, and always bubbly. They are social and like to be in the limelight always. They always like to receive compliments and flattery. Although true to themselves, they maintain relations from all sides and all backgrounds. One famous person named Emmerick is Emmerick Darbelet, a former French professional footballer who played as a midfielder.


Emmerick is most often associated with the gender: male.

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E-M-M-E-R-I-C-K , is a 8-letter male given name.

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