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Emony is a name mainly given to girls. It has Old English roots, being a derivate of the name Ismenia, which likely has Celtic roots and the meaning of Emony is 'excellent' and 'treasure'. Hence, the meaning of the name Emony is 'great treasure'. For some, Emony is an alternate form of the classic Arabic name Imani, which means 'belief' or 'faith'. The name is popular among fans of the pop-culture phenomenon and science fiction franchise series Star Trek where it belongs to the character Emony Dax. In the “Facets” episode, Emony, a xenomorphic character, takes residence in the body of Leeta (portrayed by Chase Masterson). Since Leeta’s body is trained, flexible, and capable of performing acrobatic stunts, the connection does not impair Emony’s ability to focus and move with coordination since she is an Olympic gymnast. However, one real-life personality bearing this name is Jules Croy Emony Mondanga, a Congolese economist and politician famous for governing his country’s Central Bank.


Emony is most often associated with the gender: female.

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E-M-O-N-Y , is a 5-letter female given name.

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