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Emyr is a male given name of Welsh origin and the meaning of Emyr is 'emperor' or 'king'. Likely having the same etymology as the Arabic word 'emir' (also pronounced in the same manner), Emyr is considered in Welsh cultures to be a variant of the name Ynyr. Individuals named Emyr are generally known to have a reputation for solving issues, constantly engaging in creative cognitive processes, and responding to problems swiftly. They employ unconventional thinking and take a unique stance on problems that arise in daily life. These great individuals are upbeat and possess a childlike quality that makes them both endearing and aggravating. One notable personality bearing this name is the renowned and prolific Welsh writer, poet, and author Emyr Humphreys. His writings focused on Celtic myths and a Welsh identity for which he has received many awards, including honoring as a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Learned Society of Wales.


Emyr is most often associated with the gender: male.

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E-M-Y-R , is a 4-letter male given name.

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