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Endicott, an English baby boy name and the meaning of Endicott is 'beyond the cottage', is a respected name from patrician New England. Since 1628, the Endicott family has played a significant role in Massachusetts. Endicott is a rare given name for men but a prevalent last name for both adults and children. The forebears of the Endicott surname were residents of the end cottage in early Anglo-Saxon England. In the town of Middleton, the Endicott family is a well-known family with a respectable and dignified history. The first known occurrence of the surname Endicott was in Devon. Individuals named Endicott are generally viewed as secretive, independent, respected, analytical and keenly observant. Former Massachusetts governor Endicott Chub Peabody is one of the famous persons with this name. Lauded as one of those with the thickest skin, Endicott was most famous for his tenacity in pursuing his political ambitions regardless of how many times he had to lose to win.


Endicott is most often associated with the gender: male.

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E-N-D-I-C-O-T-T , is a 8-letter male given name.

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