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The meaning of Epifanio is 'revelation of God', according to its Italian origin. The name Epifanio also means 'a manifestation'. An additional meaning of the name is 'one who gives light'.  According to its Spanish origin, it also means 'giving light'. Epifanio is a given masculine name and traditionally used by parents to name a baby boy. It is used as a first name or surname.

Movies & TV featuring Epifanio



Epifanio, ang bilas ko: NB-Eye - (1995)

Music featuring Epifanio


Aupa Epifanio!
Epifanio Y Los Cuatro

Locations featuring Epifanio

Rua Epifanio Placido Silva Solânea - Paraíba
Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School
Rua Epifanio Bispo
Rua Epifánio L Da Nobrega

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