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Erdene is a unisex name of Mongolian origin. The meaning of Erdene is ‘precious thing or jewel’. The name Erdene is a part of the most famous name of Mongolia – Bat-Erdene – meaning ‘firm jewel’. Mongolia has three districts named Erdene, each one in Dornogovi Province, Govi-Altai Province, and Töv Province. Though Mongolia is a country in East Asia bordered by Russia and China, this name is in use in America, though not commonly. The Social Security Administration recorded 23 babies given the first name Erdene at birth from 1880-2020. It was in the year 1916 that the name was given to more than five babies (seven babies). The oldest record of Erdene being used as the first name, however, dates back to 1876. Considering its rare use and precious meaning, it can be an ideal name for your baby. Some of the famous people named Erdene are Mongolian writer and novelist Sengiin Erdene, Mongolian-Japanese sumo wrestler Terunofuji Haruo whose birth name was Gantulgyn Gan-Erdene, Mongoloaiun amateur boxer Uranchimegiin Mönkh-Erdene, and Mongolian politician and athlete Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene.


Erdene is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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E-R-D-E-N-E , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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