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The name Erland is most often used for a boy name. Erland is a common given name in Nordic countries, and it could come from a number of different places. It is generally accepted that the name Erland originates from the Old Norse word Erlendr or Orlendr which can be translated as a foreigner. Other probable origins of the name Erland are jarl, as well as the Proto-Nordic words 'Harja' and 'Arja'. The meaning of Erland is 'stranger' or 'foreigner'. The first known use of the name Erland was on a runestone in Norway, where it was written as Arlantr. Since the Middle Ages, the name Erland has been very common throughout Scandinavia. In modern times, the name Erland is particularly well-liked in the countries of Denmark and Sweden. There are approximately 6,535 people with this name all over the world, but the biggest concentration of persons with the name Erland can be found in Denmark. 478 individuals in the United States were given the first name Erland between the years 1880 and 2020. The name Erland currently has a popularity ranking of 9,207 out of all names in the world. Some famous people with the name Erland are Erland H. L. Almqvist, Erland Johnsen, Erland Van Lidth De Jeude, and Rune Erland.


Erland is most often associated with the gender: male.

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E-R-L-A-N-D , is a 6-letter male given name.

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