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The name Eycke can be given to either a boy or a girl. There is no gender bias in the use of the name Eycke. There are several different versions of the name Eycke, including Eicke, Eike, and Eyke. This name originates from the Old High German was given the name ‘Eginhard’ or ‘Eginhart,’ which is formed from two Ancient Germanic elements: 'agi- / agaz' or 'agi', in addition to 'harduz'. The meaning of Eycke is 'sword'. It can also be translated as 'one who scares with his strength' or 'one who possesses powerful weapons'. The first record of the surname Eycke being used comes from Holland, where it became famous for having numerous lineages throughout the region. Each of these lineages amassed a prestige and an influence that the local princes coveted but could not attain for themselves. The first known occurrence of the name Eycke was made in South Holland. 


Eycke is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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E-Y-C-K-E , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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