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The meaning of Fenn is 'wetland' or 'marsh'; it's a gender-neutral name. Fenn refers to an English marshland. It became a habitational surname for someone who lived next to a fen. Fenn is an uncommon first name for people but a well-known surname. It is spelled as 'Fenni' in German and 'Fenne' in the old Frisian language. It is also an attractive alternative to the rarely used first name Finn. The Anglo-Saxon tribes who ruled over Britain were where the term Fenn originated. The family that first bore the name Fenn resided near a marsh, swamp, or wetland also referred to as Fen, or Old English Fenn. An individual named Fenn is considered mysterious, independent, and intellectual. Richard 'Rick' Fenn, an English rock guitarist best known for being a member of the band 10cc, is one prominent individual with the name. Another is American military pilot Forrest Fenn, who stashed a stockpile of gold and jewels in the US Rocky Mountains.


Fenn is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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F-E-N-N , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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