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Fiete is a lovely name for boys originating from the Old High German word 'fridu', meaning 'peace, protection' or 'peaceful ruler'. Fiete is the diminutive form of the name Friedrich, meaning 'peace, friendship, tranquility,' and 'peace-keeper'. From 1740, during the reign of Frederick II, called Friedrich in German, Fiete became a popular name after the monarch became King of Prussia from the Hohenzollern dynasty. Frederick II was nicknamed Der Alte Fritz and became known as Frederick the Great because of his brilliant military campaign and organization of the Prussian armies. For these sterling qualities, he later became a bishop and saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Fiete is used in English as Fred, Freek, Frits, and Frederick. Fiete is also prevalent in most countries of the world in various forms. In Latvian, Fiete is called Frīdrihs, a direct meaning of 'peaceful ruler'; in the Polish variant, Fiete is used as Fryderyk, translating to 'calm monarch'; in Italian and Spanish, the name is called Federico, and a notable person with this name was Federico García Lorca, a Spanish poet, theater director, and playwright, who was an emblematic member of the Generation of '27; and in Estonian, Fiete appears as Pritt, a name inspiring stability, glamor, and freshness. Like Frederick the Great, people named Fiete are believed to love leadership, power, and authority. They are outstanding business executives and planners who can be tenacious and ambitious.


Fiete is most often associated with the gender: male.

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F-I-E-T-E , is a 5-letter male given name.

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