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The meaning of Fina is 'God will increase', according to its Italian origin. Also of Spanish origin, the meaning of the name is 'fine'. As for its Irish origin, Fina means 'deer'. According to its Scottish origin, Fina also signifies 'white and fair'. An additional meaning is 'he shall add', according to its Hebrew origin. Fina is a given feminine name and traditionally used by parents to name a baby girl. Fina is a variant of Fiona. Famous people with this name include Fina Strazza, an American actress, and Saint Fina, a 13th-century Italian child saint.

Movies & TV featuring Fina



Fina Moln - (2013)
Seducing Fina - (2000)
Un caballero de fina estampa - (2003)
Más fina que las gallinas - (1977)

Music featuring Fina



Fina Estampa
Cintura Fina
Fina Estampa

Locations featuring Fina

Financial District
New York Stock Exchange
Finale Ligure
Financial District

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