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The name Fredo comes from a diminutive of the ancient Germanic personal name Goffredo. Although the name Fredo is traditionally an uncommon first name mainly used for boys, it is a fairly well-known last name for many people. The meaning of Fredo is 'elf' or 'magical advice'. Popular other spellings of Fredo included in the Top 2000 are Alfredo, Alfred, Freddy, Fred, and Freddie. These variations of Fredo peaked in popularity about a century ago, and they are now considerably less prevalent, with older variations like Alfred. Fredo sounds similar to Fredi and Frido when spoken. Fedor, Ferdo, Fido, Frean, Fredd, Fredek (see Frederick), Fredro, Free, Freed, Freedom, Freen, Frey, Fried, Frode, and Laredo are some further recommended names with similar sounds. These are uncommon names, much like Fredo. In addition to being expressive, friendly, fun-loving, and career-oriented, a person with the name Fredo is also creative, innovative, inventive, and artistic. He is also imaginative, sociable, cheerful, positive, and optimistic. The name can be related to the famous Brazilian football manager Getulio Fredo (1954 b.). Between 1840 and 1920, the Fredo family name was present in the USA, the UK, and Canada. In 1920, there were the most Fredo families in the USA. There was just one Fredo family in New York in 1840. This represented 100% of all Fredo's documented in the United States.


Fredo is most often associated with the gender: male.

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F-R-E-D-O , is a 5-letter male given name.

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