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Free is a unisex name that means 'freedom' or 'independence.' The name Free also refers to an unbound individual and is mainly used by people from the Christianity religion. The people named Free are considered analytical, practical, and less sensitive about things. These people are said to be devoted and truthful in their careers. People named Free are considered friendly, popular amongst friend circles, enthusiastic, extremely energetic, and filled with positive vibes. These people are fond of reading and are often great at academics. They are close to their family and siblings and take good care of everyone close to them. According to astrology, the people named Free have successful careers as scientists and researchers and are capable of acing every exam. These people are spiritual, intellectual, focused, have leadership qualities, refined, gracious, educated, knowledgeable, and portray inner wisdom. They love researching and presenting a scholarly and accurate opinion about any topic. These people are wise and are often seen helping for charity. There are also some negative traits of people named Free. These people are often timid around strangers, distant, over- sarcastic, socially unavailable, backstabbers, and aloof. 


Free is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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F-R-E-E , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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