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The name Friedhelm is of Old High German ancestry, and its Norwegian and Swedish equivalent is Fridhelm. The meaning of Friedhelm is 'peace helmet'. In English, the name Fridhelm also means 'protection', 'safety', 'helmet', and 'protection'. The Old High German 'fridu' (peace/protection) and 'helm' (protection/helmet) combine to form fridhelm, which signifies 'peaceful one' and 'protector'. Fridhelm retains similarities with the names Frida, Fridleif, Fridtjov, Fridolf, Fridolph, Fridtjof, Friduwulf, Fridwolf, and many more. A person with the name Fridhelm is ambitious, self-assured, realistic, and good at carrying out goals. They are high achievers who work hard to become the best in their field. They naturally have an aptitude for big business and the challenges that the corporate sector presents. They give success, influence, and status a high priority and are driven to take charge, organize, and supervise. The emphasis on material desires is also high. They make strong, commercially driven leaders and tend to be strong and value control, but they are also well-balanced, materially apathetic, successful, and realistic. They become managers and are effective, competent, and good character judges. They have rational, analytical thinking. These people also possess solid executive skills, confidence, vigor, and ambition.


Fridhelm is most often associated with the gender: male.

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F-R-I-D-H-E-L-M , is a 8-letter male given name.

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