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Gaelen is a lovely name of Greek origin, the meaning of Gaelen is 'calm' or 'healer'. This name is the variation of the term Galen. Its ethnic origin is Gaelic, which means 'tranquil'. In Greek, Gaelen also means 'the one who maintains his mind steady in a tough situation'. The surname Gaelen initially appeared in Hamburg, significantly contributing to the growth of a young country that would later play a significant part in local tribal and national struggles. It is a popular surname in countries like the USA, Australia, Belgium, Ecuador, Europe, and the Netherlands. Gaelen Foley is a famous American author well-recognized for her Regency-era romantic books. She has written books like 'The Duke', 'Lord Of Fire', and 'The Pirate Prince'. Gaelen Gilliland is a musical theater actress from America who appeared on Broadway in 'Wicked', '9 To 5: The Musical', 'Honeymoon In Vegas', 'Legally Blonde', and 'Kinky Boots'.


Gaelen is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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G-A-E-L-E-N , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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