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The origin of the beautiful name Gailyn is Greek, and the meaning of Gailyn is 'healer' or 'calm'. The English meaning of Gailyn is 'a visitor' or 'guest'. It is the variation of the name Galen. Gailine is sometimes transcribed as Gailyn. Gailine is a variant of the venerable, biblical, and preeminent Gail. This name is often referred to as a short form of Abigail. Gailyn as a surname is most common in Taiwan, New Zealand, and the Solomon Islands. Gailyn Van Rheenen is the author of 'Missions: Biblical Foundations And Contemporary Strategies', 'Communicating Christ In Animistic Contexts', and 'The Status Of Missions In Churches Of Christ: A Nationwide Survey Of Churches Of Christ Bob Waldron'. Gailyn Saroyan is a painter and writer. Gailyn Addis is an actress known for 'Ripper Man' (1995), 'Munchie Strikes Back' (1994), and 'Clueless' (1996).


Gailyn is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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G-A-I-L-Y-N , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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