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The name Galand is a baby boy's name that is of Greek origin. The meaning of Galand is 'healer'. From France, the historical and enchanting region emerged a multitude of notable family names, including the distinguished Galand family. This name is used as a surname. The Galand surname derives from the Old French word Galer, which means to enjoy yourself'. The surname Galand first came to usage in Picardy in Nothern France, where they held a family seat. This name is used in different countries, languages, and cultures. Galand is the name of a village in Daland rural district, Golestan Province, Iran. Galland is a variation of the name Galand. Many successful people with the name Galland such as Antoine Galland, a French orientalist and archaeologist; Jordan Galland, an American Entertainer; and Stephane Galland, a Belgian drummer. Several variations of this name include Garland, Galant, Galano, Galan, and Garand.


Galand is most often associated with the gender: male.

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G-A-L-A-N-D , is a 6-letter male given name.

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