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The meaning of Galiena is ‘from the land of the Gaul’ or ‘exalted’. It is a name typically given to girls and is of German origin. The name is believed to have come from a region in ancient Europe called Gaul. It derives from the Frankish word ‘gauge' meaning ‘land of the foreigners/Romans’. The region was formerly inhabited by Gauls before being conquered by the Roman Empire. The name is also considered a feminine form of the name Galen, that was popularised by Aelius Galenus, a Greek physician and philosopher. 'Plague of Galen' was the name of a disease that struck ancient Rome. Galen who was present when it happened contributed immensely to the documentation and treatment of the disease. It is because of his association that it was termed the 'Plague of Galen'. A notable person with this name is Anna Galiena, an Italian actress recognized for her roles in ‘Guardians Of The Clouds’ and ‘Le Mari De La Coiffeuse’.


Galiena is most often associated with the gender: female.

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G-A-L-I-E-N-A , is a 7-letter female given name.

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