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The meaning of Gardner is 'keeper of the garden' and it is of English origin. It is also considered as an English occupational name and surname from ‘gardener’. The history of the name dates back to the Anglo- Saxon culture of Britain. It is believed to have been derived from a member of a family who worked as a gardener. The surname originally derived from the Old French word ‘gardinier’. Later, it was adopted in England after the Norman conquest. It is also referred to as a translation form of the German word ‘Gärtner’. A known association with the name includes Howard Gardner, who is an American developmental psychologist and research professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard. He is popularly a known psychologist for his ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’. A theory that proposes that people are born with, not just an intellectual capacity, but they have many kinds of intelligence, including interpersonal, musical, spatial-visual, along with linguistic intelligences. He has received appreciations from various social science experts, and he was also awarded McArthur Fellowship, and Guggenheim Fellowship for Social Sciences, US & Canada. He is a popular personality in the field of psychological studies.

Movies & TV featuring Gardner




Ava Gardner, la gitane d'Hollywood: les années espagnoles de la Comtesse aux Pieds Nus - (2018)
The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner - (2009)
Sallie Gardner at a Gallop - (1878)
Light Heavyweight Championship Contest Between Root and Gardner - (1903)

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Gardner Municipal Airport
Gardner Municipal Airport

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