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The name Gisbert is of German origins and it is traditionally used by parents who are looking for a name for their son. It has been taken from the German names, Gisilberht and Gisalberht. These names are composed of the elements 'gīsil', meaning ‘shaft of an arrow’ or 'gisal', translating to ‘pledge, hostage’, and 'beraht', meaning ‘bright’ or ‘famous’. According to these origins, the meaning of Gisbert is ‘bright pledge’, ‘bright promise’, ‘arrow’, or ‘spear’. Antonio Gisbert Perez, a Spanish artist known for painting pictures of important events in the country’s history is a notable public figure to share this name.

Movies & TV featuring Gisbert



Gisbert - (1999)

Music featuring Gisbert




Verschwende Deine Zeit (Gisbert Blues Nr. 135)

Locations featuring Gisbert

Rua Gisberto Cantarelli Filho Caconde - São Paulo
Rue Gisbert Combaz - Gisbert Combazstraat
Rua Gisberto De Dea Limeira - São Paulo
Rua Gisbert João Dietrich

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