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Glaucia is traditionally a girl's name and is of Portuguese origin. The meaning of Glaucia is 'steel blue color'. This name is also mentioned in Greek mythology and so another origin is Greek. The name is derived from the ancient Greek name Glaukos, meaning ‘silver’ or ‘bluish green’.

Related Names to Glaucia

Movies & TV featuring Glaucia


Glaucia Camargos
Glaucia Pelliccione
Glaucia Maria
Glaucia Virdone

Music featuring Glaucia


Glaucia Perez
Glaucia Nasser

Locations featuring Glaucia

Rua Glaucia Cristina Lopes Viana Jundiaí - São Paulo
Rua Glauciana Silvino Da Conceicao Santa Rita - Paraíba
Rua Glaucia Leonor Jordão Carri São Carlos - São Paulo

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