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The meaning of Gratia is 'favor' or 'blessing'. This name is of Italian origin. In Latin, the meaning of the name is 'grace'. It also means 'gift of god'. This name is mostly used in Italian and English-speaking countries. Gratia was the name of one of the three Roman goddesses who were associated with charm, nature, fertility, beauty and human creativity. 'Gratia' is also the name of a song by Paul McCartney which was on his classical album the 'Ecce Cor Meum'. 

Movies & TV featuring Gratia



In Motu Gratia - (2010)
Ars Gratia Artis - (1969)
Ave Maria, gratia plena! - (1919)
Gratia plena - (2012)

Locations featuring Gratia

Gratia Bakery & Cafe

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