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Gudren is of Old Norse and Scandanavian origin. The meaning of Gudren is 'a battle maiden', 'divinely inspired wisdom,' 'good friend,' or 'rune.' It is the feminine version of the Gudrun. The name is not so popular and relatively uncommon in the US for both males and females and also as a first name or family name. The name originates from Norway and other Scandanavian regions across Europe. It is most common in Norway, Iceland, and regions alike. Variants of the name include Gudrun, Gudrid, Gudruna, Gudrin, Gudrune, Gudrinn and many other variants. Similar names to this name include Audrey, Uren, Budden, Duden, and Madren. There is no shortened or pet form for this name. The pronunciation of the name is 'goo D rehn.' People with this name are usually said to be calm, tender, soft-spoken, introspective, analytic, innocent, beautiful, attractive, shy, intelligent, and many other amazing human qualities. Because the name is uncommon in the United States, US Social Security Administration does not have sufficient data for this name. There is no data for a peak period or the total number of female babies given this name as the first name at birth. There is no known famous or notable person with this name.


Gudren is most often associated with the gender: female.

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G-U-D-R-E-N , is a 6-letter female given name.

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