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Gudruna has its roots in Old Norse and Scandanavian regions. It is derived from the Old Norse name Guðrún; the name comprises of guð, which means god, and run, which means secret lore. Therefore the meaning of Gudruna is 'God’s secret lore.' The name could be both the name of a boy and a girl. It is of Germanic and Swedish origins. In German, the name means one with divine knowledge; in Swedish, the name means wise. It is a popular name in the Christain religion, especially in Germany. It is used in Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and many other regions. Spelling alternatives for the name include Gudrun, Guðrún, Gudren, Gunna, Gudradis, Gundram, Gudrune, Gudrunne, . There is no pet or shortened form for this name. The pronunciation of the name is 'goo d roo nah.' There is no sufficient data for this name as it is not recognized as a popular name by the US Social Security Administration. People with this name are said to be dignified, intuitive, honest, forgiving, positive, patient, open-minded, loyal, brave, and many other exceptional human qualities. There is no famous person with Gudruna as a first name, but the spelling variant Gudrun has some notable people with the name.


Gudruna is most often associated with the gender: female.

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G-U-D-R-U-N-A , is a 7-letter female given name.

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