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Guenevere originates from Welsh background. The meaning of Guenevere is 'white,' 'smooth,' and 'fair.' It also translates to 'white phantom' or 'white wave.' It also has its roots in Scottish-Gaelic origin, in which Guenevere means 'white lady.' Guenevere was the name of the wife of King Arthur, as per the Arthurian Legend. A novel by Rosalind Miles is named 'Guenevere, Queen of Summer County.' This book describes the perspective of Queen Guenevere. The American movie screenwriter, director, and actor is named Guinevere Jane Turner.

Movies & TV featuring Guenevere


Guenevere Helen Kelshall
Guenevere McMahon
Guenevere Rodriguez
Guenevere Mesco

Music featuring Guenevere


Guenevere, Pt. 2

Locations featuring Guenevere

Guenevere Drive
Guenevere Lane
Guenevere Court
Guenever Close

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