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Guilherme is traditionally a boy's name that is perceived to be of Portuguese origin. The beautiful name is a variant of William. William was derived from the old German name Wilhelm which is a perfect combination of two elements, 'willeo,' which means 'will and determination,' and 'helm,' which means 'protection.' William is among the most famous names introduced by the Normans. It was also the name of the conqueror who attacked England and beat Herald at the famous Battle Of Hastings. Essentially, the meaning of Guilherme is 'firm protector.' It refers to someone who wants to protect his family and loved ones. Thus, by selecting this unique name for your baby boy, you can give him a chance to become someone everyone looks up to. A boy with this name is often confident, ambitious, practical, and uniquely capable of carrying out complex tasks. People who are named Guilherme mostly come from the Christianity religion. The feminine form of the name is Guilhermina.


Guilherme is most often associated with the gender: male.

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G-U-I-L-H-E-R-M-E , is a 9-letter male given name.

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