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The meaning of Gustavo is 'staff of the Geats', according to its Spanish, Italian and Portuguese origins. This name is derived from the Swedish given names Gustav and Gustaf, which both originate from the Old Norse word elements 'gautr', meaning 'geat, and 'stafr', meaning 'staff'. After the reign of Gustav Vasa, many variants of this name were used by Swedish monarchs. The meaning of Gustavo is also of Slavic origin, taken from the Swedish word 'gostislav', which is composed of the Slavic word elements 'gost', meaning 'guest', and 'slava', meaning 'glory'. A famous person with this name is Gustavo Miguel Alatriste, a Mexican actor, director, and producer. Variations of this name include Gautstafr, Gustav, Gustaaf, and Gust, among others.

Movies & TV featuring Gustavo




Gustavo - (2011)
Gustavo the Great - (2011)
Gustavo Dudamel & Yo-Yo Ma - (2012)
Gustavo Bueno. La vuelta a la caverna - (2015)

Music featuring Gustavo




Gustavo lima (è n'omm e merd...)
A la Gustavo

Locations featuring Gustavo

Gustavo A. Madero
Gustavo Briand Studio
Gustavo Lounge
Gustavo's Mexican Grill

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