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Gutrun is usually a female given name derived from the Old Norse name, Guðrún. The meaning of Gutrun is 'God's secret lore' derived from 'guð' (meaning ‘god’) and ‘rún’ ( meaning ‘secret’ or ‘secret lore’). It is also believed that the name Gutrun was derived from the Germanic words 'Gunð' ( meaning ‘war’, ‘battle’ or ‘fight’) and 'Rūna' (meaning ‘secret’). The most popular variant of the name Gutrun is Gudrun. Other variants include Godrun, Godron, Guddrun, and Ghudrun. However, it is commonly used in countries like Iceland, Namibia, Austria, Germany, and New Zealand. People named Gutrun are believed to be caring and always ready to help those they love. They are nurturers who have great leadership qualities. They are also perceived to be graceful, optimistic, and strong-willed. Famous people with the name Guthrun are rare, but some bear its popular variant, Guðrún. Notable people named Gudrun are Gudrun Gut, German musician, Guðrún Bjarnadottir, 1963 Icelandic Miss International, Guðrún Ogmundsdottir, former Icelandic politician, Guðrún Larusdottir, former Icelandic politician and writer and Ella Gudrun Ingeborg Hollefeur, former Danish first lady. 


Gutrun is most often associated with the gender: female.

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G-U-T-R-U-N , is a 6-letter female given name.

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