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Haldor is a name most often given to people of the male gender. It is often used as a first name and, sometimes, a surname. The meaning of Haldor is ‘Thor’s stone’ or ‘Thor’s rock’. The name comes from Norse roots. In Norse Mythology, it is the name of the visually impaired son of Frigg and Odin, who was tricked into shooting a mistletoe arrow to slay Baldr, who was vulnerable to nothing. It was formerly spelled ‘Hoder’, ‘Hodur’, or ‘Hod’. The name merges the root word ‘hallr’(rock) with Thor (God of thunder). Notable people named Haldor include Haldor Johan Hanson, an author, publisher, and hymn writer. He did several notable works in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Haldor Larsen Børve, a 19th-century Norwegian architect, is also a notable person with the name. His known projects include the Porsgrunn City Hall and the Dalen Hotel in Norway. He also designed several buildings in Telemark and Vestfold, with his works believed to have been influenced by the Nordic National Romantic Style and Dragestil. Haldor Lillenas is regarded as one of the most instrumental gospel hymn publishers and gospel hymn writers of the 20th century. His compositions exceed 4,000 hymns, with some of his important works including the ‘Wonderful Grace of Jesus’ and his composition of the Church of Nazarene’s first hymnal. He was duly inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in the early ‘80s.


Haldor is most often associated with the gender: male.

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H-A-L-D-O-R , is a 6-letter male given name.

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