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  • Origin: German
  • Gender: boy
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Baby name hermenegild - pink macaroons, baby teethers & cookies with cream
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Hermenegild can be a perfect name for a handsome boy. The name Hermenegild has its origins in the German language. Hermenegild has its variant as the name Ermengild which again originated from Gothic. The meaning of Ermengild is 'immense treasure'. The name Hermenegild also has a variant in Spanish and Portuguese language, which is Hermenegildo, and Hermeneglide in the French language. You may think the name Hermenegild is so unique that it has not been used, but that's not entirely true. Hermenegild has been the name of many famous people as well. An Asturian ecclesiastic and bishop of Oviedo was named Hermenegild I and another auxiliary bishop were named Hermenegild II. Hermenegild Jirecek, who was a Bohemian jurist, shared the first name with a Canadian politician Hermenegilde Boulay and a Canadian artist Hermenegilde Chiasson. Hermenegild was a Visigothic Spain prince. An Angolan soccer player Hermenegildo da Costa Paulo Bartolomeu, shared the first name with a Mexican war hero Hermenegildo Galeana. Hermenegild can have name variants as Menendo and Melendo, which are more prevalent in Spain and Spanish-speaking areas. Similarly, Portugal picked up their own favorite variant of Hermenegild, which is Mendo. Mendo can be said to be derived from the Hermenegildo variant itself. Many more patronymics Mendez, Melendez, and Menendez in the Spanish language, while the Portuguese language chose Mendes. Hermen, Herry, Melendez, Manny, and Henry are a few of the many nicknames you can give the handsome baby boy.


Hermenegild is most often associated with the gender: male.
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Spelling Of Hermenegild

H-E-R-M-E-N-E-G-I-L-D, 11-letter male given name.

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Meggy is a name that is traditionally given to girls. The meaning of Meggy is 'pearl'. Meggy is a Greek name and is generally considered a variant of other names like Margaret and Megan. Meggy is a close variant of the name Meggie. Some sources consider the name Meggy a metronymic name. The name Meggy also features the regular patronymic suffix that usually means 'son'. Meggy is a name that is derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon Britains. These sources believe that the name Meggy was derived from the name Megg, the nickname or pet form of other names like Margaret. Meggy was very popular in areas like north England. The interesting thing about this name is that Meggy has a metronymic suffix that is said to supersede the other patronymic suffixes at the time. The first recorded use of the name Meggy as a surname was in Oxfordshire. The Meggy family held a family seat in the area. The name Meggy was a very popular surname during this period. Another popular derivative of this name is Meg-son, which means 'son of Meg or Margaret'. In the present day, the name Meggy has grown in popularity as both a first name and a surname, same with the variants of this name like Margaret, Meggie, and Meg.


Meggy is most often associated with the gender: female.
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Spelling Of Meggy

M-E-G-G-Y, 5-letter female given name.


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Tēpene is a beautiful name traditionally given to boys. The meaning of Tēpene is ‘wreath’ but can also be perceived as ‘crown’. The variants of Tēpene include Stephen, Steve, and Stephenos. Tēpene is also a popular last name, along with a first name, among the native communities of New Zealand. For parents intrigued by films and media, Tipene Ranui is an actor famous for his role in the 'Mauri Merchant of Venice' (2002); There is also a reality tv show, 'Tipene Casketeers', that follows the Tipene family and the business workings of their Funeral Home in New Zealand. This name can also be a perfect fit for those parents who are spiritual---as one of its variants Stephen is mentioned in the Bible. Saint Stephen, an apostle and the first Christian martyr, is a prominent religious figure with this name. Although a frequently used name among those in New Zealand, Tēpene is growing in popularity globally too. It is believed that those given the name Tēpene are caring, empathetic, supportive, and understanding and possess a strong sense of responsibility that ensures they care, protect and love anyone they have a relationship with, regardless of whether it is romantic or not.


Tēpene is most often associated with the gender: male.
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Spelling Of Tēpene

T-Ē-P-E-N-E, 6-letter male given name.


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Enikö is most often associated with the gender: female.
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Spelling Of Enikö

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