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The name Hideaki is of Japanese origin. The meaning of Hideaki translates to ‘the light which comes from the sun’, ‘moonlight and sunlight’, ‘intelligent’, ‘wisdom’, ‘bright’, ‘truth’. Other meanings of this name include ‘beauty’, ‘bright’, ‘excellent’, ‘fine’, ‘shining excellence’, ‘splending shine’, ‘clever’, ‘autumn’, ‘outstanding’, ‘bright’, ‘clear’, ‘wise’. Hideaki Kitajima is a Japanese soccer player who played for the national team. Japanese sportsman Hideaki Okubo won a silver medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Hideaki Tojo and Hideaki Yoshizawa are the names of characters in the 'Ace Of Diamond' manga.

Movies & TV featuring Hideaki



Goyu irinami hideaki - (1921)

Music featuring Hideaki



Hideaki Tokunaga
Hideaki Kuroda

Locations featuring Hideaki

Hideki Sushi Bar e Restaurante
Via Hideki Yukawa
Dr Hideki Kanashiro - Urologista
Hideaki Sushi

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