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The name Ianthina comes from the Old Greek language. In Greek mythology, the name Ianthe refers to ‘sea nymphs’, and is commonly used as a feminine name. The meaning of Ianthina is ‘a violet colored flower’. Ianthina also appears as the scientific name of a rare species of animals and plants. Pteraeolidia ianthina is the scientific name of a sea animal, which is commonly referred to as a blue dragon. Clematis ianthina is the name of a flowering plant that commonly grows in parts of Asia. Ianthina is the title of an article from The Atlantic that was published in 1936. Ianthina also appears as the name of a star system in the popular online game ‘Xyon Rising’. Ianthina is the one to go for if you are looking for a girl name that reflects on the rare spectacles of nature.


Ianthina is most often associated with the gender: female.

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I-A-N-T-H-I-N-A , is a 8-letter female given name.

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