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Idalia is a Spanish name traditionally used for girls. It is a place name referring to Idalion or Idalium, an ancient city in Cyprus, meaning ‘I see the sun’. The meaning of Idalia is ‘behold the sun’ or ‘I see the sun’. It is also said to be a combination of the given names Ida, meaning ‘labor, work, action’ and Lia, meaning ‘bearer of good news’. It is also said to be a name for Aphrodite, an ancient Greek goddess. Britannia Idalia Gumbs, an Anguillan politician who was the first female politician to be a part of the House of Assembly of Anguilla, is one of the several notable public figures known to have this name.


Idalia is most often associated with the gender: female.

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Spelling of Idalia

I-D-A-L-I-A , is a 6-letter female given name.

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