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Imko is a name with Frisian origins. It is the masculine form of Imke, a variant of names beginning with 'Irm-', such as Irmtraud, Irmgard, or Irmhild. The meaning of Imko is 'whole', 'large', 'universal', and 'entire' (from Old High German 'ermen' or 'irmin'). Another version of Imko is the feminine Imke, which means 'honey bee' (from the Low German 'Imme'). Imko is popular name in various countries namely, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, USA, and Finland. Imko Nieuwenhuijs is a film producer and Greek actor, who is a popular celebrity with the name Imko.


Imko is most often associated with the gender: male.

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I-M-K-O , is a 4-letter male given name.

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