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Isidro hails all the way from Italy. The meaning of Isidro is ‘being gifted with multiple ideas’ and ‘having many plans’. Isidro also is derived from the Greek name Isidoros, which translates to ‘the gift of Isis’. Isis is one of the main ancient Egyptian goddesses. She was believed to have the power to help the dead into their afterlives. She is also symbolized as the pharaoh’s divine mother.

Movies & TV featuring Isidro




José Saramago en la UNAM. Entrega de medalla Isidro Fabela - (2004)
La paz sin fronteras: El México de Isidro Fabela - (2005)
Loa, fiesta de San Isidro - (1980)
Martín choque, un telar en San Isidro - (1982)

Music featuring Isidro




Isidro Noyola
Isidro Felix
Chapo Isidro

Locations featuring Isidro

Isidro's Taco Shop
Isidro Buffet Tropical
Isidro Casanova
San Isidro Labrador Chapel in Malagasang Primero Imus

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