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The meaning of Jabaar is 'mighty' from its variant, Jabbar. It also refers to one who has great power and might. The name originates from the Arabic name Jabbar, meaning 'giant' or 'almighty.' A popular middle and given name in Islam, variations like Al-Jabbar and more are associated with the names of God in Islam. Although it is a gender-specific name, Jabaar is a famous surname. A common variation of the name is Jabbar. It is famously associated with the American basketball player and NFB star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or the 12th Sultan of Brunei, Abdul Jalilul Jabbar, who ruled from 1649 to 1652. Another variation of the name is Jabari, a common name that originates from Swahili. An alternative meaning of Jabaar is 'brave' and 'powerful.' There is more to Jabaar than the names of people. For example, Jabbar Khel is an Afghan clan, and Al-Jabbar is the Arabic name of the Orion constellation.


Jabaar is most often associated with the gender: male.

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J-A-B-A-A-R , is a 6-letter male given name.

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