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The meaning of Jabarae is 'comforter' or 'bringer of consolation', and it is of Swahili origin. It is a variation of the Swahili name, Jabari, which also means 'comforter', 'bringer of consolation', 'consoler', or 'brave one'. The name is also derived from the Arabic word, Jabbār, which roughly translates as 'powerful ruler'. Jabari, a popular given name and occasionally a surname, is a frequent version of the name. Traditionally used as a name for boys, the name Jabarae is gender-specific. The name is pronounced as 'jhahb-er-ay' and is similar to names such as Jabarei, Jabarey, Jabarie, Jabarri, Jabarrie, Jabary, Jabbari, and Javari. The name and its variations have been popular throughout the years in both East Africa and the Middle East. It is also popular among Muslims globally, and the Jabar variant is in the top 1000 most popular Arabic names. It is, however, not so popular in Europe and the rest of the Christian world, although it is not out-of-place to see a Christian bearing Jabarae.


Jabarae is most often associated with the gender: male.

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J-A-B-A-R-A-E , is a 7-letter male given name.

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