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A variation of Jabari, the name Jabary’s origin lies in Swahili. The meaning of Jabary is 'brave', 'fearless', or 'powerful'. The name is commonly given to males. Jabary is also used as a surname that is most commonly seen in places like Yemen, Jordan, and Iraq. Jabary is also linked to the Arabic word Jabbār which means 'mighty ruler'. As earlier said, it is a Swahili name as much as it is Arabic. The Swahili version of the means 'comforter', 'bringer of consolation', 'consoler', or 'brave one'. A prevalent variant of the name is Jabari, a well-liked given name that is also occasionally used as a surname. A common nickname for Jabary is Jay or JB. It is believed that those names Jabary are ambitious, talented, and strong. Hunters can bear this name as well as enduring athletes and influential politicians. If your son shows any of these qualities, giving him this name is a brilliant idea.


Jabary is most often associated with the gender: male.

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J-A-B-A-R-Y , is a 6-letter male given name.

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