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Jeramiah is a name that comes of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Jeramiah is ‘God will uplift’. The name is most often given to persons of the male gender. The name is used as a first name, middle name, and as the last name. The name is a derivative of the name Jeremiah in the Bible. The Prophet Jeremiah was a prominent figure in Judaism and he was known by the title ‘the weeping prophet’ with the records of his sayings in the books Jeremiah and Lamentations in the Bible. The name has several variants including Jeremias, Jeramiah, Jerimiah, and Jeramy. Jeramiah Schuh is an actor that portrayed the character Rommus Trinius in the 2011 movie ‘Blood And Bronze’. Jeramiah Johnson, a Hollywood director is another notable person with the name. He has worked on several television animation series including ‘Hearth And Home’, ‘Overwatch Origin Stories’, and ‘Hearthstone: Demon Hunter’. He was also a cinematic artist on the design team for the 2004 ‘World Of Warcraft’ video game and worked as a production assistant for ‘Norah Jones: Live In New Orleans’ video. Jeramiah Hetra is an actor that portrays the on-screen character Abdual in ‘The FW!’ mini-television series. There is also a podcast called ‘Jeramiah Dickey’ that has been on air since 2016.


Jeramiah is most often associated with the gender: male.

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J-E-R-A-M-I-A-H , is a 8-letter male given name.

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